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Land Services 

Creating a Multi Generational Investment in Your Land.


Tim Soderquist

The love of the outdoors has always flowed through my blood.  At the youthful age of 8, you could find me in the fields pursuing game on our family’s river bottom farm, and several decades later, I am still all about being a good wildlife habitat steward and passing my knowledge on to the next generation.  Along the way, I have been blessed to have enjoyed life learning experiences that allow me to utilize my talents today.


During my summer years of college, I learned surveying at TX DOT as an Engineers Assistant. After graduating with an Agriculture Business degree from Texas State University, I worked for (DU) Ducks Unlimited for 20 years. During my initial three years with DU, I surveyed, designed, and oversaw habitat construction. The following 17 years, I was the Sr. Regional Director for DU in Southeast Texas where I organized volunteers to raise record-setting funds for DU’s conservation and habitat development across North America.

Land Acquisition

Finding the right place is priority. We will walk you through every step in locating the desired land, confirming environmental compliance, budgeting, evaluations, the negotiation, closing and obtaining the proper documentation.


Responsible stewardship of land is key. Maintaining and protecting the environment is just as important as obtaining the land itself. Once changes are made, and the habitat is formed, upkeep is a necessity. We ensure your habitat continues to grow and blossom for you, your family and the generations that follow.

Meet Tim

Specialty Consulting

By hiring a specialty consultant, you are ensuring every step taken, is a step in the right direction. Tim Soderquist applies his decades of experience and knowledge in creating and maintaining your vision and goals for your future.

Habitat/Land Contracts

Turning your vision into a reality takes time, persistence and proper documentation. It is crucial that you select a professional who can write grants, provide you with the best team to do the job, and ensure that all paperwork and permits are appropriate.

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"I have known Tim through his decades working for DU and witnessed his drive to be successful for conservation.  I have also enjoyed spending time outdoors on projects Tim has helped build and seen firsthand the fruits of his passion to develop quality habitat and the wildlife that enjoy his efforts."

Randy Risher- (Houston Businessman/ Risher Fitness Companies)

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