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Habitat/Land Contracts

Turning your vision into a reality takes time, persistence, and proper documentation. It is crucial that you select a professional with the expertise to write grants, easements to provide you with the best team to do the job, and ensure that all paperwork is appropriate.

All About the Paperwork

At Habitat Land Services, we combine all our acquisition, consulting, and development options into stewardship. This is the most crucial long-term phase, as quality wildlife habitat takes years to develop and does not simply evolve overnight. We're here to help you preserve and nurture your property's true potential as a wildlife wonderland.

Habitat Land Services will tailor a long-term maintenance program to your specific requirements, as no single strategy will meet all of your requirements. We can do anything from basic road and levee maintenance to disking and planting food plots, as well as spraying for noxious invasive plants and trees. Habitat Land Services can also install and maintain deer/hog stands and feeders and duck blinds (brushing) and decoys that are rigged and ready to go. For those wanting all the bells and whistles, we can even provide professional guides for any type of hunting or fishing as well as eco-conservation tours on your own property for family, friends, or clients.


The Habitat Land Services maintenance programs help to ensure that your environment grows and thrives for you, your family, and future generations.

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