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Tim Soderquist


The love of the outdoors has always flowed through my blood. At the youthful age of 8, you could find me in the fields pursuing game on our family’s river bottom farm, and
several decades later, I am still all about being a good wildlife habitat steward and passing my knowledge on to the next generation. Along the way, I have been blessed to
have enjoyed life learning experiences that allow me to utilize my talents today. I started out in my teenage years as a waterfowl hunting guide. I guided and shared my
passion for the outdoors with sportsmen from around the world for 22 years.


During my summer years of college, I learned surveying at TX DOT as an Engineers Assistant. After graduating with an Agriculture Business degree from Texas State University, I worked for (DU) Ducks Unlimited for 20 years. During my initial three years with DU, I surveyed, designed, and oversaw habitat construction. The following 17 years, I was the Sr. Regional Director for DU in Southeast Texas where I organized volunteers to raise record-setting funds for DU’s conservation and habitat development across North America.

For the past three years, I was given a “blank canvas” of land on the Texas Coastal Prairie to maximize and develop wildlife habitat across 5,500 acres. The completed job resulted in more than 1,400 acres of managed floodable habitat across nearly 40 diversified impoundments of water. In addition to the mega-waterfowl attraction, the development of miles of senderos (clearings through trees) to view deer, hogs, and other wildlife along with numerous food plots. Two exceptionally large upland bird food plots were also developed using native as well as planted seeds to attract large numbers of dove as well as a few coveys of quail.

Although I have hosted many, many wonderful outdoorsmen at hunting camp, enjoying time with youth (along with my two sons) in the outdoors is what drives me today. Passing on the skills of managing God’s beautiful outdoors is the passion I have been given and why I began Habitat Land Services so that you, too, may pass on your love of the outdoors to the next generation.

Call: 281-814-5442
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