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"I have known Tim through his decades working for DU and witnessed his drive to be successful for conservation.  I have also enjoyed spending time outdoors on projects Tim has helped build and seen firsthand the fruits of his passion to develop quality habitat and the wildlife that enjoy his efforts."

- Randy Risher- (Houston Businessman/ Risher Fitness Companies) 

"For the past several years we have hosted family and friends in the outdoors on habitat that Tim has built.  The food plots and blind placement along senderos for deer and hogs were exactly right no matter if using a bow or rifle.   The levees for numerous duck ponds were strategically built to make the easiest and most memorable hunts with our guests imaginable.  It was obvious to both of us the years of experience Tim put into crafting and developing the habitat to maximize our enjoyment of the outdoors."

- Deon and/ or Jason Gipson- (Owners/ Performance Blasting & Paint)

"I have been working with Tim on conservation projects since the late 90’s starting with TX Parks & Wildlife and then with Ducks Unlimited.  Through the years we have built several hundred acres of valuable impoundments for waterfowl across the middle/ upper Texas Gulf Coast.  As a staff member, and then on his own, I have seen Tim’s desire and skills to build valuable habitat working hand in hand with DU’s conservation mission."

- Dr. Todd Merendino- (Ducks Unlimited Manager of Conservation Programs- TX, OK, NM)

"Tim over saw the development of habitat infrastructure at our ranch on 5 bodies of water.  These impoundments of water have exponentially increased the quantity of wildlife as well as assisted in slowing down erosion and giving us access across parts of the ranch that we did not have before.  The ease and efficiency of the farming inside of these impoundments is obvious as well."

- Billy Schwertner- (Ranch Owner)

"I have worked with Tim since his early days at DU building habitat across the Texas Gulf Coast.  I have found Tim to have an exceptionally good eye for identifying what the topography reveals as the best locations to maximize wildlife habitat with my earth moving equipment.  Together, we have built thousands of acres of wildlife habitat that is still very productive today."

- Gary Rooth- (Precision Dirt Works Contractor)

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